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Senior Designer


(Freelance and Permanent Positions)

Fast paced, highly creatively engaging design role in editorial design team. VOGUE magazine caters for women's interests in high-end luxury, sustainable and ethical fashion, accessories and shoes. Beauty and health are always reported with the most current up to-date with the holistic wellbeing of the reader at the forefront of any advice and reporting. VOGUE also features, Arts, Lifestyle, Travel and Real Life stories.


Print and digital magazine consisting of 12 issues per year. Briefing of photographers and stylists for shoots, through clear documentation, story boarding and imagery. The art department has the necessary job of being able to work with all departments to clearly plan, conceptualise and prepare for the design layout. Image research, though image galleries, photographers websites and VOGUE archives to best support designs. Outstanding, innovative, industry leading layout designs, which ensure that anyone flicking a magazine on the news stand - buys the product.

Periodic redesigns to reinvent the look and feel. 


Art and design administration, high-resolution imagery, calibration of images, keeping the layouts circulating through approval process, the flip book and grid pagination are all art department responsibilities. The VOGUE art department is involved from the birth of the pages and issues through to the tangible end result product. A busy team who knew the job that needed doing and produced!


Over 160 pages of everything a bride needs to know, from trends to a spread of chic ceremonies from around the globe. With some brides suppling 1000s of images, editing the selection to create an engaging layout was no easy edit. Engaging layouts, picture research, image editing, styling and


A special stand alone royal magazine with over 160-pages celebrating royals from around the world. 


Over the years, budget cuts have meant job cuts, the VOGUE editorial team has became increasing overrun with marketing work. VOSN - VOGUE Online Shopping Night, required extensive email marketing, online banners and advertisements. VOGUE Codes a hosted inspiration women in technology event. VOGUE Fashion Night Out - Hosted in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane an opportunity to support Australia Fashion and Beauty. Large scale banners which are displayed all across the cities, email marketing, print marketing, online banners and advertising.


Subscriber promotions, special offers free with purchase of the issue in sealed bags. Email marketing, in magazine promotions, banners and advertising.



Senior Designer - London


(Permanent Position)

Working daily in a luxury ballroom office with fashion and beauty celebrities walking past your desk... I never took for granted. The vibe, the energy, the fashion! My passion for my work exploded in my years working at NAP. I felt beyond blessed to have worked at NET-A-PORTER. 

Working at NET-A-PORTER provided me with far more than a place to work - I lived and breathed my daily work. I loved working at NAP. They only reason I left was to come back to Australia. Tears rolling down my face as I typed my resignation.

NET-A-PORTER is an online luxury women's retailer who specialises in designer fashion, accessories, jewellery and shoes, as well as beauty, wellbeing and luxury lifestyle items. They are the mother company of the men's versions MR PORTER and OUTNET. 

NET-A-PORTER offers NET SUSTAIN which highlights sustainable and ethically sourced products.


Design of the weekly online digital magazine, distributed to 1.5 million women each week. The magazine showcased the products available for purchasing online, NET-A-PORTER pioneered digital magazines of this style. Magazines with embedded URLs allowing you to 'click and shop' direct from the digital online magazine pages. 


Creativity, ideas and new ways to showcase products were encouraged and my work was empowered daily. Innovative and forward-thinking concepts and styling enabled me to develop my design skills, still life shoots, technology knowledge and advance design program skills. 


Intensive and large quantity email marketing campaigns 1.5million subscribers, comprehensive re-design and code of the weekly email, dynamic unique email designs for; sales, promotions, discounts, new designers and new products.


Quarterly NET-A-PORTER 'NOTES' a global print book showcasing fashions shows, new designer profiles, trends and highlight product ranges. 


Detailed design system strategies, maximising site functionality, user experience and targeting how people shop. Integrated and comprehensive design systems, seamless login, add to cart and checkout. Design of overall user experience including calls to action, landing pages and directional processes to optimise the shopping experience, making shopping and buying easy, ensuring customer loyalty and return to the website.


Periodical design work and website management for designer websites managed by NET-A-PORTER; Jimmy Choo, Erickson Beamon, See by Chloé and Chloé. Orders and distribution were through NET-A-PORTER warehouse and shipping. 



I really enjoyed collaborating with this client, as it was a professionally challenging yet rewarding experience. From the early planning all the way through the digital design process, Targo was a wonderful partner to work with.

Client 5


I’ve provided Hera with a wide range of design services. From the initial ideation stages to more complex design development, I consistently manage to meet and exceed all expectations.

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