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founder and creator of OWNMUSE and BLACKLINE DESIGN.

This is my story...

University was in one word - invigorating. After a year experimenting with a degree in Criminology, I decided to leave Psychology for a deep inner yearning,  a Bachelor of Design. I studied at the College of Fine Arts, (COFA) University of New South Wales (UNSW) campus, for the first day to the tearful last I loved every minute. The facilities, students and teachers enabled me to immerse and connect myself to like-minded souls. The only problem with the degree was I graduated overqualified and lacked job experience.

Many hours, days and months I worked for free in design agencies and fashion design rooms. Things have changed and payment (even petty amounts) I believe now is essential but back working for free and the experience was normal. Simultaneously working to pay the bills, I exhaustingly decided it was magazines I wanted to get 'paid' work in. A highly impossible competitive world to get your foot in the door.

Fortunately, my flatmate was in the Sales Department of BRIDE TO BE magazine and they need a junior designer and stylist. My CV and I were just happened to be what they were looking for, I got the job! Every day I worked as hard as I could, I enjoyed my job and felt lucky.

My career world changed significantly after 2 years at BRIDE TO BE magazine, taking the leap of faith and moving to London. Working at NET-A-PORTER.COM for 4 years was an opportunity exceeding expectations. NET-A-PORTER opened every door imaginable, if staying in London had been an option, I doubt I would ever have left NET-A-PORTER. 

Back in Australia, I meet and had the honour of working under the crème de la crème of talented industry leading Art Directors and Editors; these inspirational mentors shaped and sculpted me in to the designer I am today.

I started freelancing at VOGUE under Ella Munro the week I got back. I also meet Anna Tracey at GRAZIA (which had just launched) and she was another guiding force and inspiration leader. It was during this time I first met Mandy Alex who at this time was still at HARPER'S BAZAAR, Mandy was destine to be the single most inspirational force of my design career and future. Mandy encourages, inspires and purses design excellent, with the intentions of always being as creative and imaginative as possible. She is always supportive, always easy to work with - she has very high standards and you know you must deliver to expectations. I also met Edwina McCann at GRAZIA who was soon to be Editor-in-chief, of VOGUE. Once Edwina moved to VOGUE, Mandy followed and the day Mandy rang an offered me a permanent role at VOGUE was the biggest career highlight to date. Edwina and Mandy supported me endlessly in my creations, enthusiasm, work ethic and as a working mother. They both inspired me with awe at their ability to lead, director and manage a team. I have worked a combination of freelance and permanent roles at VOGUE over the last 10 years. I have always made sure the job was done with excellence to the standard to which my mentors and luxury brand required. Covid has left this uncertain...

Quick comment on being a working mother - it's can be a spiral of too much pretty much all the time. Yes, I live in a perpetual state of trying to achieve balance. Design is my balance, designing is my time - I didn't work this hard career wise to stop designing. I find time for both life and work. Think back to my adolescents and swimming 10 sessions a week and you can understand. Passion and determination is at my core.

BLACKLINE DESIGN are client-based projects, enabling me to facilitate a large range of industries; editorial, marketing, advertising including digital, website and print. Through this work, I have had the pleasure of working with industry-leading editors, journalists, writers, sub-editors and marketing experts.

OWNMUSE is my creation; an ecology website with support digital book publications, email marketing, blogging and social media voice. OWNMUSE tackles and challenges how we live our lives. Awakening each individual's impact on the earth. Focusing on the positive nature, that one person can make an ecological difference. OWNMUSE provides sustainability education; rethinking what we wear, how we live and what we consume. 

Every designer should know, good design is always the aim of creation.

Custom designs created with a clear purpose, intention and solution are the fundamental pillars of good design. 

Let's talk about your project and what you would like to create. 

Best, Bec

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